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   Mark “Hawkeye” Louis is a 30 year veteran of morning radio and currently co-hosts the morning show on 96.3 KSCS, the longest running FM show in Dallas - Fort Worth. He has been awarded Billboard Magazine's Radio Personality of the Year and the Academy of Country Music's Major Market Personality of the Year. 


   He has written two books and is also an avid traveler, having skied Italy's famed Sella Ronda, traversed Alaska via dog sled, played baseball in Cuba and sailed the Caribbean.


   His latest venture is Travel With Hawkeye, a multimedia travelogue that features podcasting, broadcast features and social media. 

Travel With Hawkeye is a multimedia travelogue featuring  longtime Dallas morning radio host Mark “Hawkeye” Louis (96.3 KSCS) and his tales from a lifetime of travel and adventure.


   The podcast features a variety of celebrity guests, noted travel authors and a number of Hawkeye’s travel companions. The topics range from Henry Winkler’s tales of fly fishing in New Zealand to Hawkeye’s stories of misadventure and naivety.  

   The Blog and Social Media posts report on his latest adventures. 


   Travel With Hawkeye not only discusses incredible destinations, travel bargains and tips, it also shares the excitement and fun of travel. 

Travel With Hawkeye - TH Productions LLC

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